"Advanced control and systems engineering" is a course on model predictive control (MPC) and bayesian state estimation for process engineers.

Key words: advanced control, model-based control, optimization, simulation, state estimation, computational intelligence, artificial intelligence, stochastic systems.

The Lecture Notes are available as a pdf. Recorded lectures from 2017 are available as mp4-files. All the material in the Lecture Notes is not presented in the recordings but is meant to be read from the Notes, more advanced and theoretical topics in particular. All the material in lecture recordings is not found from the Lecture Notes, many of the exercises in particular.

The Spring course implementations contain also home works, which focus on the essential contents impossible to lecture: coding & simulations & reflecting your work. In addition, the extra points from the home works help to improve your grade of the course. The home works are available only during Spring sessions. The course can be passed without home works, they are not obligatory. To pass the course, exams can be taken in the Examinarium (https://exam.oulu.fi). You will want to answer on paper, so take your exam on Mondays, only.

p.s. (Finnish subititles) Lähtökohtaisesti videoissa ei ole tekstitystä. Suomenkielisen tekstityksen saa käyttöön lataamalla videot ja tekstitystiedostot omalle koneelle ja toistamalla videot tekstitettynä esim. VideoLanin VLC media playerillä.

The material is prepared for the purposes of this course. Please do not redistribute the recordings further. All comments and suggestions are welcome (Enso.Ikonen@oulu.fi)