Learning outcome:

Upon completion of the pre-exam and 5-day online lectures (2 ECTS), the students are equipped with knowledge to systematically analyze how blockchain technology could serve as a strategic technology and compare it with different technology strategies. The student is able to assess the strategic value of using blockchain technologies from the perspectives of a firm, customers, competitors, and different stakeholders. Moreover, the course provides the students the knowledge to understand blockchains as platforms of innovation and value creation. The student will be able to critically discuss the blockchain phenomenon and related business concepts (i.e., marketing, management, and organization).

Upon completing the optional group work (2 ECTS), the student is able to analyze different capabilities and blockchain attributes (i.e., a trade-off between benefits) of current business operations, as well as discover opportunities for business transformation. Accordingly, the student is able to make technology-related decisions and apply blockchain as a strategic technology in business management.

There is also an option to read a collection of assigned articles and write a reflective learning diary (2 ECTS), after which students are also able to communicate and popularize research results and scientific knowledge to public audiences, such as asset tokenization – the underlying economic theory of blockchain economics.