Learning outcomes:

Skill, competencies, and new knowledge in the field 

Students work as interns during their Master's studies, between 1st and 2nd study years. The course is completed by giving a seminar presentation during the autumn term after the internship. The schedule of this seminar will be agreed upon with the responsible person.

Suitable areas for practical training are, for example, mineral processing projects.

Study methods:

Assessment methods and criteria: Completing the training period plus presenting it orally in a seminar. A job certificate (original referenced) must be shown and an application must be submitted to the seminar supervisor. 491602S Professional Practical Training cannot be substituted with work experience acquired before starting the Master's studies.


At the end of the first semester of EMJM PROMISE

Suoritustavat ja arviointikriteerit / Assessment methods and criteria:

Report and presentation