The student is aware of the basics of magnetism in different parts of the heliosphere including geomagnetism, solar magnetism, interplanetary magnetic field and magnetic disturbances carried by the solar wind.

The student is able to use magnetometer for measuring the strength of the Earth ́s magnetic field, understand the basics of the data calibration and homogenization.

The student understands the basics of the magnetometer and how they are used for orienting CubeSats and larger satellites as well as used for navigation and scientific analysis.

The student is able to handle the time series on magnetic field for over days, months and decades by the basic programming tools, and is able to proceed basic statistical analysis.

Course contents:

Basics of geomagnetism

Basics of solar and solar wind magnetism

Field-work on magnetic field measurements

Basics of magnetometers on ground, on-board small and large satellites 

Hands-on-data exercises on time series data analysis